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Mandarin & Patchouli Shave Jar


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Customer Reviews

  1. Five Stars

    by jlg on 11 Thu,2016

    only takes a dab to create enough lather for a three pass shave. Very nice

  2. Nice light scent, great lather. Glad I tried it.

    by Chrome Dome on 11 Thu,2016

    Great shaving cream. I was a little hesitant to buy this product as I haven't seen as much traffic about St. James of London. However, after a little research I found that these guys have been in the shaving game with other companies for a long time. Price- it's a little higher than I typically buy. With that said, the cream is really nice.

    1. The Mandarin and Patchouli fragrance is light (much lighter than some of the Taylor of Old Bond Street flavors that I use). The scent is strong enough during the shave, but will fade/be masked by whatever aftershave you finish with. I would say that it's mostly a citrus/orange scent mixed with somewhat of a light musk or woody smell. I use Patchouli a lot in the soaps I make and don't really pick up on that scent in this cream. If it's there, it's subtle. While I enjoy some of the more bold scents of some other brands, I find that SJL isn't as tough on my face when applying lather after each pass which promotes a more comfortable shave.

    2. The lather holds moisture very well without drying during the shave and rinses clean. Easy lather- nice and slick.

    3. Milage. I haven't had the cream long enough to know how long it will last. I shave my head 3 days a week and face 5/6. After the first week or so of use, it seems to be wearing down at a normal rate.

    4. Packaging. Maybe the least important quality but I must say it looks sharp. The lid is a light metal, maybe aluminum, and the tub is glass. It has a solid feel that gives it a sense of quality before you even open it.

    Overall, I'm very happy that I ventured out and purchased this cream. I look forward to trying some of their other flavors. Maybe not my "normal" stock, but definitely worth splurging on every now and then.

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