St James of London Samples

St James of London Samples

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The perfect sampler for experiencing our fragrances in shave creams, post-shave gels and pre-shave oil. Each sample is good for 2-4 uses.  

*Please note: Samples are only available to ship in North America*


Black Pepper & Lime Shave Cream
Cedarwood & Clarysage Shave Cream
Mandarin & Patchouli Shave Cream
Sandalwood & Bergamot Shave Cream
Lavender & Geranium (Unscented) Shave Cream
Tonka & Tobacco Flower Post-shave Gel
Black Pepper & Lime Post-shave Gel
Cedarwood & Clarysage Post-shave Gel
Lavender & Geranium (Unscented) Post-shave Gel
Pre-Shave Oil
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