Cheeky B'stard Safety

Style Tawny

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Like our shaving brushes, our handcrafted razors are also made using old world craftsmanship. Perfectly weighted and balanced, each razor provides you with a most simple and effortless shave. We offer a variety of color options across Mach III, Fusion and Safety Razor (DE) head configurations.

Weight 53g
Length 120mm (4.72" inches)

*Not all colors are available in the UK and EU

*UK and EU orders subject to VAT Tax (NOT included in price)

Made in EU

Handcrafted for the perfect shave

Not all shaving razors are created equal. One of the key aspects of a great shave is a perfectly weighted, ergonomically contoured razor that provides just enough 'heft' without having to add extra pressure for a close shave.

Beautifully Detailed Matching Hardware

Matching shaving brushes, stands and bowls will add that extra 'fine' touch of elegance to your vanity.